The Standards for Suppliers are Walmart Inc.’s fundamental expectations of its suppliers related to social responsibility in all our markets.

The Global Compliance Guidance Tool is a resource which outlines Walmart’s compliance requirements and expectations to help new and existing suppliers become or continue to be compliant. After you answer a few questions, the tool will provide a summary of Walmart Stores, Inc. compliance requirements and programs that align with your supplier status, product and market. These include Responsible Sourcing, Food Safety, Health and Wellness, Product Safety, Environmental Health & Safety, Global Supply Chain Security and Factory Capability and Capacity Audits.

Environmental Health and Safety Compliance

Walmart requires any merchandise that is or may contain a chemical, aerosol, pesticide or battery item to be submitted to UL WERCSmart, a third-party company, for review and assessment prior to an item number being created.

As part of the UL WERCSmart review and assessment, suppliers are required to submit formulation information. These assessments ensure Walmart has the necessary information to store, transport, dispose and otherwise manage products in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. This information also allows Walmart to support environmental sustainability and product stewardship initiatives.

Suppliers must provide accurate information regarding the above outlined merchandise, as may be deemed necessary by Walmart, to properly store, transport, handle, or dispose of merchandise. Accurate item information must be maintained within WERCS for at least three years after the last date of shipment and the assessment must not be archived. Walmart may assess additional charges based on the additional costs of storing, transporting, handling, and/or disposing of such merchandise.

To get started, (1) go to the WERCS website at, (2) set up a company account using the first 6 digits of your host vendor number, (3) create an assessment for the merchandise, (4) attach all applicable UPCs, (5) pay and complete the process. The WERCS assessment must be completed prior to item creation or the process will be halted, resulting in delays in item creation. To ensure the item(s) complete the WERCS assessment process as quickly as possible, please ensure all fees associated with the supplier are paid as soon as possible and Walmart is listed as a “Retailer".

Review Chemical definitions and Environmental Health and Safety Compliance policies here.


Responsible Sourcing Requirements and Expectations 

All suppliers and their facilities – including subcontracting and packaging facilities – are expected to uphold Walmart’s Standards for Suppliers. Learn more about Walmart’s Responsible Sourcing program, our expectations for suppliers and requirements for facility disclosure here.